I’ll admit it, I do feel “freakish” and “hideous” sometimes

There are plenty of reasons to ignore fashion and beauty advice. Here’s another one. My experience shows that even if women are the “freakish ideal” size, they won’t be satisfied with how they look. It’s human nature.

I’M about to write something that could make me extremely unpopular.

It’s a response to the various blogs and articles I’ve read this month on the subject of body image.

Many of these articles, and I’m particularly thinking of Mary Anne Sieghart’s January 9 story, What women see in the mirror is self-loathing, are in response to the ridiculous pressure put on women to lose weight in January after the excesses of the Christmas period.

Ms Sieghart has hit the nail on the head with a lot of her points, but I think she has missed a crucial one.

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