I’m losing my Canadian English

Pic by Graham Roumieu.

English, I have learned, isn’t just one language. Depending on where you live in the English-speaking world, words can develop new meanings or spiral into new directions.

When I prepared for my move to Britain, I didn’t think my English would be much different from that of my British peers. I was wrong. My job as a writer and editor has forced me to examine these differences closely, and it has made me realize just how much language can create – and change – your identity.

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More children to be put into temporary classrooms

Councillor Peter Martin

A booming population in Elmbridge meant that a lack of school places had become a major concern for the council. I interviewed Surrey’s education boss in March 2010 to find out what was being done. Here is the result, published in the Surrey Advertiser on March 19, 2010.

MORE children could be put into temporary classrooms as pupil numbers in Elmbridge continue to spiral upwards.

Councillor Peter Martin, portfolio holder for schools at Surrey County Council (SCC), admitted the borough was the worst-affected area in the county.

An increased birth rate, more houses being built and an apparent shift away from the private education sector had contributed to the problem, he said.

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